Young Theatre’s Cabaret Evening

March 2022

Morgan Allen, Saffron Stringer and I, ran a fundraising event for Ukraine in March 2022. The show included various comedy sketches, musical theatre songs (which I helped choreograph) and one of Young Theatre’s first contemporary routines that I choreographed.

The cast worked tremendously hard to produce a fantastic show and we managed to raise £90 for Ukraine.

The show included 3 acts and we served food for all of our audience members.

Highlights of the show included: the contemporary routine – Tightrope from The Greatest Showman, Molly Sendall’s and Morgan Allen’s comedy sketch called Argument, our big group routine Another Day of Sun from La La Land, to name but a few!

The show was amazing overall and was good entertainment for all of the family.


Saffron Stringer

Morgan Allen

Celeste Dadd

Jess Cartledge

Macie Woodward

Ethan Baker

Mia Baker

Molly Sendall

Fawn Knott

Rain Knott

Eleanor Sullivan

Oliver Sendall

Zach Allen

Cormac Allen

Annie Steeden

Annie Coates


I look forward to doing another one in October.