I have been very lucky in my life to have been born in a relatively safe part of the World, in the UK. Our schools are good and there’s a pretty good chance I’ll get a job when I’m older. We have free healthcare. I have a family who are here for me, few chores and opportunities to try many new hobbies and travel. But I know that compared to the developing World, I’m in a minority. Many have to walk to collect water or walk miles to school. They are part of large families with 6 or 7 children, because illness means some don’t survive. Only 1 child typically goes to school.

I want to help children in Africa discover the opportunities that come from having a good education, so they can earn money for their families and be able to buy medicine when they’re sick. Maybe some will start a business and employ others, to keep their community going. Happy successful children are more likely to resist the awful terrorists that try to brainwash them.

One day, in the future, I hope I can visit the children in Bethel School in Burkina Faso, where Giving Africa is helping make these dreams become true.

Until then, I will continue making my handcrafted pencil boxes to help fund our projects. You can see how many I made in one go for my previous school here. It would be great if you’d join me as a Youth Ambassador so we can help each other help our friends in Africa. Find out more on the Giving Africa website.