The Cagebirds

On Thursday 8th July 2021, I took to the stage with Young Theatre at Norden Farm Centre for the Arts, as the ‘Wild One’ in The Cagebirds, a one act play. It was written by David Campton; a prolific British dramatist known for his absurdist style, ‘The Cagebirds’ is a tragic insight into the phyche of neglect and institutionalisation.

The story is about the women living in a locked attic, each absorbed in her own petty interest and in placating their Master, who takes care of them. My character, ‘Wild One’ is thrust into the cage disrupting the normality, disturbing the peace. The ‘Wild One’ talks of breaking out of the attic to find freedom for herself and the rest of the women. The ‘Wild One’ troubles the other women who want to remain secure in their cage. Dark consequences prevail for the ‘Wild One’ when the women join together in a shattering conclusion. 

I really enjoyed playing the part and it had some challenging monologues.

This festival piece won the evening, being selected over Madonna Della Media – Runnymede Drama Group, and More Than I Was to You RAW Theatre