Recent things I have been up to in 2021…

I have recently moved schools and am redoing year 10.

My current school is St Mary’s in Gerrards Cross after Redroofs’ full time sector closed down due to Covid-19. But, I am still doing my Performing Arts training after school.

Companies I am currently involved with include…

  • Innov8 dance in Amersham (GCSE Dance and grade 4 out 5 grades of iD contemporary syllabus)
  • Baylins Ballet Barn in Knotty Green (Grade 7 RAD Ballet, Discovering Repertoire 3 RAD and Benesh notation)
  • Jackie Palmer Stage School (however will be moving to Trinity Theatre School in High Wycombe in the Summer Term)

Closure of Giving Africa

Giving Africa have sadly closed down and have sold the charity to another local charity based in Burkina Faso. But don’t worry! The school is still running and are making the local children have a more secure future. I will always remember the amazing things that the charity have done over the years. I thank everyone who have helped this charity!

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