Daddy and I are very excited to be going to New Zealand’s North Island for his cousin Vicki’s wedding in March. I’ve been lucky to travel to Spain, Turkey, New York, France, Cyprus, Czech Republic, Germany, Luxembourg, Belgium, Switzerland and even Lapland! I’m heading to Austria skiing this week with my school friends but then up, up and away on a 30 hour flight to the other side of our planet. An epic 11,386 miles!!

We have a 2 week adventure planned and here is a selection of what we’re planning to do! Going under snorkelling and diving ‘down under’, seeing lots of animals (some that glow), an abseil or two, going high in the mountains and visiting a tribe. I’ll write my diary and upload photos as we go…

Whale and Dolphin Safari


Poor Knights Islands

Twenty three kilometres off New Zealand’s Tutukaka Coast, the Poor Knights Islands are an international icon. We’re going on a 2 day liveaboard with Dive Tutukaka

Watching the NZ Dragon Boat Racing in Wellington

Old St Paul’s Church

The wedding is in this amazing church in Wellington.




Climbing Mount Taranaki / Egmont

A tough hike up a volcano !



Traversing Tangariro Alpine Crossing

A 19.4km stunning tramp we have to do in a day

tangariro alpine crossing


Visiting the Hobbit movie set

Can’t wait to see these cute little hill huts ! Over at


Smelling the Thermal Park

Thankfully websites don’t have smellovision! Time for some chemistry experiments.



Going Maori!

Looking forward to a bit of a dance…




And going deep underground to the Waitomo Glow Worm Caves