Dick Whittington

I did most of the choreography for YT’s last Pantomime. It was a great show and my three dancers (Rain Knott, Fawn Knott and Jess Cartledge) did an amazing job. They lead the cast tremendously well, and should be really happy with the way they took on the difficult dances after two years of lockdown.

From the fast chorus routines to the swashbuckling ship wreck battle, the show was full of surprises which excited our fabulous audiences.


Dick – Saffron Stringer

Alice – Lily Blair

Tommy – Molly Sendall

Sarah – Edward Simpson

Jack – Morgan Allen

Fairy – Helen Sendall

Queen Rat – Lily Papaionnou

Fitzwarren – Antony Sendall

Brian – Ethan Baker

Gobbler – Zach Allen

Gnasher – Oliver Sendall

Cuttlefish – Lewis Dacre

Mate – Cormac Allen

Mystic Meg – Jess Cartledge

Shopper – Rain Knott

A Rat – Ben Edwards/Fawn Knott

A Rat – Eleanor Sullivan

Director – Mark Oldknow

Asst Director – Henry Dickinson

Choreographer – Allie Baldwin and Celeste Dadd

Technical Manager – Patrick Heys

Stage Manager – Graham Southgate

DSM – Bea Hart

ASM – Raphael Darley, Jonathan Strutt, Alfred Hurst

Lighting – Charlie Morgan

Sound – Jack Morgan, Patrick Heys

Read more about the show here