Charities I think you should help in 2021

The Much Loved charity is very close to my heart as Madeline Murrell went to my primary school (High March), she passed away a couple of years ago after suffering from cancer for a few years. She had a twin sister who I am still in contact with and used to do Rangers with, but if you only want to help one cause this year, you should help this one.

The WWF charity is more common but deserves all the help it can get, animals are suffering and they need your help! Recently I have been learning about the Amazon Rainforest in Geography GCSE, and the things that are happening to it’s biodiversity are terrifying, so please help if you can.

Help any of these cancer charities as people are suffering with cancer due to the strain the NHS are under because of Covid-19.

Help children charities to help some deserving young people catch up with work after lockdown and help critically ill children who want a long life.

And finally help Ecosia, they are planting trees in the Amazon Rainforest to help retain the biodiversity, and the best thing about this charity is that it’s free! Just make it your default browser and let your searches help Global Warming, the local animals and local people.

Well there you have it! Thank you for looking at this post and helping other people.