Thanks for visiting my website.  I created this for my school entrepreneur project with Bright Young Sparks, to raise money for my charity Giving Africa. You can help educate kids like me in Burkina Faso, West Africa, so they have a chance to learn and one day get a job or start their own business.pencil box personalised2

Please buy a personalised wooden pencil box for yourself or as a present for someone. It comes with your chosen name hand engraved on the side, with a heart or star if you like. You might also like the optional stationery set which includes a retractable pencil, eraser, pens, and a highlighter.

30% of all profits go to the charity.




If you’d like to understand more about Giving Africa, please visit their website or watch the short video below.

Created for Bright Young Sparks at High March School.

brightyoungsparks blue